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Clay County High School students receive scholarship to get a start on their education

Clay County High School students receive scholarship to get a start on their education

CLAY COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — Five Clay County High School students received money from the Calvin Bird Memorial Scholarship on Thursday.

These scholarships aren’t just for those who excel academically, but also for those who give back to the community, take care of others and are overall good people….Read More


Things to Know Before Roofing Replacement in Charleston, WV

Everything you need to know before doing a roofing replacement in Charleston, WV

As a homeowner in Charleston, one of the most important factors in property structure is the roof. Put simply, without a strong roof you run the risk of your property losing value. Your home is not as strong or as secure as it is with a properly cared for roof.

However, replacing your roof before time is not recommended – how long, then, should you wait before undergoing a roofing replacement in Charleston?

How long should a roof in Charleston last?

Typically, you should get around 20 to 25 years from a roof that has been fitted and installed properly. Over this period of time, it is common for your roof to start decaying and losing its effectiveness. If you bought your home recently, then be sure to look at the home improvement record of your home that was provided by the seller. If you bought your roof decades ago, you should have kept note on when your roof was last replaced.

If you want to know when to replace roof sections on your Charleston home, we recommend you focus on the following signs of wear and tear. What are the most common signs that your roof might be beyond its best?

What are the signs that a roof is in need of replacement?

While it might be hard to notice signs of roof decay from the ground level, some signs should be obvious from a quick scan. Common signs of replacement roofs being needed include:

  • Shingles which are buckling. Any part of your roof that uses shingles might, over time, begin to show signs of curling or buckling. This is especially common on parts of the roof where regular sunlight reaches the shingles.
  • Roof flashing that looks aged. If you can see the flashing that is part of your drainage system, it should look relatively new and in-condition. If your flashing is made from old materials like cement, it might be beginning to fall apart.
  • Roof valleys falling in. Though hard to spot from the ground level, roof valleys which are damaged are a likely source of leaking and water damage. If the valleys of your roof are damaged, you should consider hiring a roofer.
  • Visible daylight. When indoors you should not see any signs of daylight breaking through your roof. If on the top floor of your house you can see light shining through any part of your home, it is a clear sign that your roof is in need of replacement.
  • Development of moss. If you start to notice moss appearing on the edges of your roof, or falling down to the ground, your roof has moisture locked-in somewhere. If this is not dealt with, the moisture will spread and thus deliver mould to other areas.

You should therefore try and keep a close-eye on all of the above issues. These are some of the most pertinent and visible signs that your old roof probably has to go through a replacement. However, there are some other factors to take into account before investing in a roofing replacement in Charleston. What should you look out for?

Things to consider before investing in replacement roofs in Charleston

Choose the right material to last

It is vital that you choose a material that you can trust to last. The most common options include asphalt, wood, and slate. Wooden shingles are a more authentic and vintage looking option, and they also provide outstanding insulation levels. Wood always costs more, though.

By contrast, asphalt/slate are durable, affordable, but lasts less than using durable alternatives like concrete and/or metal shingles. If you need help choosing the right materials, you should ensure you hire a professional you can trust to give you an honest opinion.


Hiring the right professional roofers

You should always make sure that you look into the people who you will hire to do the job. DIY roofing is often a mistake due to the challenges involved in laying a roof. Hiring a professional with years of experience in fitting roofs locally should be recommended. Local roofers who your roof types and the kinds of buildings around Charleston better, ensuring they can do a better job of fitting a roof that fits the specifications required.


With that in mind, then, who should you hire to carry out your roofing replacement? Who comes recommended in the local area?

You should always check the frame first

You (or preferably a roofer) should always evaluate the condition of the roof frame first and foremost. If you have suffered from leaks, there is a higher chance of lasting structural damage to the frame. Before you have any roofer install a roofing replacement, you should have them check the frame underneath the old roof first and foremost.

If you are short on funds, then repairing the roof frame can add some valuable months, even years, onto the lifespan of your current roof. Once you know if the frame is in a condition to be kept or not, you can push forward with hiring a professional. However, where will you reside while roofing work is carried out? Can you stay at home?

Where will you stay during roofing works?

While you can often stay where you are during a roofing replacement, you might want to consider temporary accommodation. Roofing can be a space-consuming, busy experience that more or less takes over your property entirely.

As such, you should consider going to stay with a relative or even staying in third party accommodation while the work goes on – especially if you work from home. While you decide on how you can live with the roofing work being done (or not), you should think about what kind of roof you actually want to have installed. What materials should you use?

Choose BUSINESS for your Charleston replacement roof needs

If you want to make sure that you can avoid problems like those listed above, you should contact BUSINESS. As experts in providing a roofing replacement in Charleston, you can make sure that your property is kept safe, secure, and properly protected.

As local roofing specialists, BUSINESS can help you to deal with the problems involved with roofing replacements. With a strong history in the local area, they can offer you a transparent appraisal of what has to be done to fix your roof. If you are unsure about the condition of your roof, having a local expert like BUSINESS carry out an appraisal can make your job much easier.

From local roof replacements to the fitting of a whole new roof style, BUSINESS can offer versatile assistance in solving the roofing issues that you face in Charleston today. Whether you want a second opinion on a replacement or you would like work to commence ASPA, they can offer you the support you require.

Hiring the right professional is essential, so contact BUSINESS by contacting NUMBER or contacting the team online.